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What our customers Say …

John D.
John D.QC, Canada
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It is very helpful that the screen shows the report when you turn the machine off and tells you how long you used it and whether you maintained a good mask seal. The humidifier is built in to the unit so if you don't want to use it you just have to have the tank attached and empty. Extremely quiet and easy to use. It certainly will beat my snoring.
Danny L.
Danny L.NSW, Australia
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Using this humidifying Cpap machine has allowed me to sleep through the night without developing severe dry mouth. The humidifier is nice and does not seem to use as much water as some others, is easily accessible to fill and clean. Quiet & Comfortable. Indeed a life-saving device for me. Delivery completed without any hassle.
Roger S.
Roger S.ON, Canada
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I did not realize how little air I was getting until recently when it became evident by my lack of energy and fatigue only minutes after waking in the morning. After only four nights of restful sleep it is all too clear that a good, properly functioning machine was the difference... The APAP machine meets 100% specifications.
Eva S.
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The convenient car charger is a huge help traveling. A suggestion to new buyers would be to buy two batteries. The first thing I did was buy 2 additional batteries and a battery charger. I rotate the battery charging with 1 in the charger. One I the machine being used and charged on a home wall plug or my cigarette lighter. The 3 rd is always full and ready to go, it’s terrific
Amry L.
Amry L.GA, USA
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My blood pressure went from 140/85 to 125/60, and AHI is already under 5. The machine has helped me sleep like a log for 8hrs a night for the first time in 10-years. My fatigue is gone and I have three times the energy that I have as far back as I can remember. Thank you for helping me sleep better.
Gheorghe Z.
Gheorghe Z.FL, USA
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The resjoy poc has allowed me to continue to pursue all my passions of life because i can travel and play golf, hunt and fish anywhere in the world that has power or a generator. I have to use it when i sleep and on exertion such as fighting a large Tarpon. Again thanks for helping me enjoy the quality of life.
David W.
David W.VIC, Australia
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I have struggled with a good night's sleep for years. The VentMed Dream Sleep has been a huge difference maker. The first night or two obviously took some getting used to, but the results have been awesome. Look forward to many health benefits for years to come!

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