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What our customers say

John D.
John D.QC, Canada
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This oxygen machine benefits me beyond simply the effectiveness of oxygen therapy which showed itself to me by the return of Color to my Skin - as sign of that effectiveness - as my Skin Increased in its Pinkness from the Fresh oxygen increase - That increased the color in One session and continues to help me.
Danny L.
Danny L.NSW, Australia
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Our Portable Oxygen has made my father's life so much more independent and this makes us all so happy. Steve (my dad) got to go to church for the first time in months since getting this portable machine in last week. Thank you for making such a convenient unit for my daddy to use and keep his independence daily!
Roger S.
Roger S.ON, Canada
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I am Very satisfied with my portable and plug in concentrators. The portable allows me to continue to do the work I enjoy, go on walks and light exercise. The plug in is quiet and so light weight. It easily travels with me to visit family and go on fun trips with my husband. I am so Thankful!
Eva S.
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The convenient car charger is a huge help traveling. A suggestion to new buyers would be to buy two batteries. The first thing I did was buy 2 additional batteries and a battery charger. I rotate the battery charging with 1 in the charger. One I the machine being used and charged on a home wall plug or my cigarette lighter. The 3 rd is always full and ready to go, it’s terrific
Amry L.
Amry L.GA, USA
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This had changed my life completely. I have back problems and carrying tanks took a toll on my back. Now I have more freedom to to enjoy outings with family and friends. Love my joygo g2 portable oxygen concentrator. and thanks you so much for your wonderful customer service.
Gheorghe Z.
Gheorghe Z.FL, USA
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The resjoy poc has allowed me to continue to pursue all my passions of life because i can travel and play golf, hunt and fish anywhere in the world that has power or a generator. I have to use it when i sleep and on exertion such as fighting a large Tarpon. Again thanks for helping me enjoy the quality of life.
David W.
David W.VIC, Australia
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It is my pleasure to let you know we are extremely happy with the rejoy g2. We since call it a "wonder" machine as it makes such a great difference to the ailing condition of my father. He is felling so much better now with it. He is happy,and we are happy too.

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95,000+ Happy Users Approved!

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