oxygen concentrator maintenance

Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance

An oxygen concentrator is an essential device for people who require oxygen supplements for any respiratory deficiency. There are millions of people who are using oxygen concentrators but have to meet the problem of how to maintain an oxygen concentrator. It is important that the oxygen concentrator is always in excellent condition and working properly.

In RESJOY we have all the information about how an oxygen concentrator can benefit your senior, the types, costs and where to buy, so you can compare and choose the one best fits for you.

We know that a product like this is not so easy to acquire, if you already have a concentrator it is important to know how to maintain these instruments so that you can extend their useful life. That is why we have prepared this article for you.

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Proper Use of an Oxygen Concentrator

The performance and life of an oxygen concentrator depend on how you use it, if you use it correctly it will last longer.  Here are some tips on how to properly use your concentrator  machine:

  1. Place it in an area that is perfectly ventilated, preferably leave a surrounding space of 30 to 50 centimeters free.
  2. Keep the place where you place it clean to prevent the concentrator from accumulating dust, debris, pet hair, etc.
  3. You should also clean the outside of the concentrator frequently to prevent layers of dirt from accumulating and clogging its openings.
  4. You should keep it running at least 10 hours a month so that its lubricants are in constant movement, you will also prevent the filters from hardening.
  5. Check the filters and clean them at least once a month, in case they are very dirty you should wash them with soap and warm water.
  6. if the filters show any deformation, break, or cannot be cleaned, you should replace them.

Check the Operating Manual of Concentrator

To find out what maintenance you should perform on your oxygen concentrator and when to do it, you should consult the user’s manual of the device. In it you will find the specifications corresponding to the home oxygen concentrator model, you should know that these vary depending on the model.

We recommend that you read the instructions before you or your family uses his or her concentrator so that you can detect any problems beforehand.

air filter of oxygen concentrator

Cleaning an Oxygen Concentrator Filter

To keep the oxygen concentrator filter clean and working properly, you should clean the inlet of the device and the filter weekly. Here are the basic steps for cleaning an oxygen concentrator filter:

Check the manual to find out where the concentrator filter is located and the correct way to remove it.

Once you have removed the filter, you should rinse it with warm water. If any stains do not come out with water, you can use a small amount of dish soap.

To dry it, you can place it on a clean paper towel in a well-ventilated place. Once it is completely dry, you should place it back in the oxygen concentrator.

The useful life of an oxygen concentrator filter is usually 6 months to 1 year, depending on the device, after this time, it is advisable to change it. Make sure you have spare parts, some are included in the oxygen concentrator box.

Why Did My Oxygen Concentrator Stop Working?

Maybe you have asked yourself why does an oxygen concentrator stop working? Well, you should know that there are some faults that oxygen concentrators present more frequently and that are not so serious and you can even repair them. Here are some of them and their possible solutions:

The device does not turn on: this may be due to a lack of current in the transmission network or to a poor condition of the components. To solve this problem, the electrical connections, cables, circuit breakers, switches, or fuses should be checked.

The concentrator turns on but is intermittent: this may be due to contaminants or particles present in the device or to inadequate functioning of the valves.

There are variations in the oxygen supply: if the gas flow varies, this may be due to filter or pressure regulator failure. If this is the case, these should be repaired or replaced if necessary.

The concentrator overheats: This may be due to a damaged or malfunctioning fan, in which case it should be repaired or replaced. It can also be due to obstructions from nearby elements that do not allow ventilation. To solve this, simply move the concentrator and avoid placing objects within 30 centimeters.

However, remember that the health of the older adult who uses it is paramount. If you are not sure if you can repair the fault or do not know what it is due to, it is better to have it checked by a professional.

How to Know If the Concentrator Is Not Working?

Several factors that indicate when an oxygen concentrator is working at a lower capacity and is about to break down. It is important to take them into account, since this way we can prevent serious breakdowns, we will mention them below:

Generally, home or medical oxygen concentrators have alarms consisting of lights and sounds that warn us when the device heats up. Normally the alarms are activated for 20 minutes, which is the duration of the heating cycle, and then turn off. If after this period the alarms continue or turn on again, your concentrator likely machine has a problem.

It is also important to pay attention to the noise your oxygen concentrator makes when it is operating. If you notice that this sound is louder than the sound emitted by your refrigerator and includes grinding or knocking, it is likely malfunctioning.

Oxygen concentrators usually include an alarm that indicates when oxygen purity decreases. If the alarm goes off more often than normal or not at all, the device is probably malfunctioning. Concentrators do not function properly if they are located in poorly ventilated areas or near fumes or air pollution.

If you notice any of the above, it is recommended that you have your device serviced by the company that manufactures it or by a certified technician.

Approximate Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Costs

If performed by a technician, the cost can range from $100.00 to $500. The price of maintenance and repair will depend on the problem, as well as the type of parts that need to be replaced if any.

The cost of maintenance and repair of your device may vary depending on the brand, model, and type of failure. If you purchased it in a certified store, you likely have a manufacturer’s warranty, which generally lasts one year. In this way, repairs will not cost you anything, except for problems that are not covered by the clause. It is recommended that before you purchase your oxygen generator machine, ask the store if it has a warranty, for how long and if you can extend it for longer. Also, find out if maintenance is included and for how long.

When Should You Take Your Generator in for Service?

It is highly recommended to have your oxygen generator serviced and maintained by a professional, this way you can avoid any problems. Ideally, it should be checked and maintained by a professional every 6 to 12 months or every 5 thousand hours of use.

Preferably purchase your device in a certified place to obtain a warranty. You can also contract an extended warranty that covers the costs of maintenance by a professional.

How Many Hours of Life Does an Oxygen Concentrator Have?

Oxygen concentrators, for the most part, are designed to run constantly 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is recommended to keep it always working, depending on the model and brand, as well as the use it is given, they can have a useful life of up to 5 years or more. This would be equivalent to approximately 44,000 hours of useful life.

Maintenance of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Batteries

Battery care also influences the performance of your portable oxygen concentrator, here are some tips related to battery management:

Run the battery quarterly to the end, and then fully recharge it before the next use; this avoids battery memory problems and ensures long battery life. If you have several, a simple rotation of the main battery will help ensure that they are fully cycled.

Always store fully charged batteries in a cool, dry, dark place. If you do not operate your portable concentrator regularly, using the concentrator to drain the battery completely and then fully recharge it will ensure that the unit is used sufficiently each month and that the battery has been recycled.

If you primarily use your portable oxygen concentrator for travel and not for daily use, keep in mind that they work best when run frequently. Two months before your trip, you should test it to make sure it does not have any problems. Prolonged storage is a common cause of problems that require servicing.

Now you should know how to do the oxygen concentrator maintenance correctly and extend your oxygen concentrator lifespan. To buy an oxygen concentrator from a reliable and professional oxygen concentrators supplier is also very important as it can avoid lots of problems that you may meet in other non-professional suppliers. RESJOY is a recommended and trustworthy oxygen concentrators supplier with over 15 years of richful experience. Both quality and services were approved by tens of thousands of customers.

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