RESJOY JOYGO™ 3 Liter Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dual-Battery System


RESJOY JOYGO™ is a step forward in oxygen therapy innovation and is the ideal portable oxygen concentrator to keep an active lifestyle. It features a compact size, lightweight, intelligent technology, and long battery life.

  • Concentrator weights 9.9 pounds with all accessories.
  • Built-in & exterior battery, last up to 4 hours.
  • Pulse dose, 93% purity at 1L. (no continuous flow mode)
  • Runs with home electricity, car outlet & battery.
  • With ion function to purify air arround.
  • User-friendly LCD screen, and quiet operation.

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long battery life

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90% purity @1L

How many times have you been confined to the four walls of your home because you can’t go outside without lugging heavy oxygen tanks everywhere with you?

It’s time to overcome your physical limitations, take back your freedom and enjoy a new chapter in life with a portable oxygen concentrator.

Here comes the latest and most exciting portable oxygen generator!  The RESJOY JOYGO is powerful enough for home use with simple controls, yet light and easy to carry when on-the-go, making it a “take anywhere” solution. It is made with a durable material that is both lightweight and strong, making it ideal for day-to-day use, even among kids and the elderly.  Plus, it won’t break the bank.

Now, with this portable oxygen concentrator, you can take your business trips, go shopping, fishing, or travelling with your friends and family, and enjoy a night out like you used to. It’s simply a must-have for anyone who has breathing difficulties or need oxygen supplement.

resjoy portable oxygen concentrator generator 3 liter of oxygen

What Sets Us Apart

Small, Light & Portable

It is up to 15 times lighter than stationary oxygen concentrators at just 4.4 pounds, and 9.9 pounds with all contents, and can be easy to carry with a backpack. The device fits easily into a car’s trunk, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Take along with it to join outdoor activities like golfing and hiking without being a burden. 

* This weight may not be suitable for the elderly over 80 years old, as this weight is still not light enough for them, so please consider carefully before placing order. (The exterior battery features high capacity, therefore a bit heavy.)


resjoy joygo Lightest portable oxygeb concentrator 3 liter of oxygen
pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator

Pulse Flow Oxygen Delivery

The machine delivers oxygen in pulse mode which delivers oxygen only when it detects the inhalation signals and stops when exhalation. In this way, it can save power and significantly extend battery life. It doesn’t support continuous flow oxygen delivery.

Supported by Dual-Battery System

The concentrator has a built-in battery(lasts about 2 hours) and an exterior battery(lasts about 2 hours). So no more worrying about running out of battery outdoors or traveling.

resjoy joygo 3 liter continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator
3 liter portable oxygen concentrator with 90% purity at 1 liter

Output Oxygen Flow Up To 3L

The max flow of the portable oxygen concentrator equals 3 Liter per minute at setting 3, and the oxygen concentration can be up to 93±3% at 1L, which is good for patients with respiratory diseases. The higher flow, the lower concentration will be, which is good for those without respiratory diseases like fatigue relief, sleep improvement, endurance enhancement etc. Not all groups are suitable for high concentrations of oxygen therapy.

Enjoy Forest Air In-home

Imagine you are enjoying forest-like fresh oxygen in the comfort of your home. It is possible simply by pressing the ‘Ion’ button, releasing negative ions up to 300,000/mᶟ. Air pollution is a vital cause of breathing problems, so what a pleasure to breathe fresh air at home.

resjoy joygo portable oxygen concentrator with ion function to purify air surrounded

Three Working Ways

– making it available for use at home or on the go.

resjoy joygo portable oxygen concentrator for home use

In-Home Electricity 100-240V

Plugged into your wall outlet 100-240V and it works like a home oxygen concentrator. Timing function is also available. 

resjoy joygo portable oxygen concentrator runs in car

In-Vehicle DC12V

Oxygen supplements can relieve fatigue while driving. Just plug into your car cig port, and let oxygen activate your cells.

resjoy 3 liter portable oxygen concentrator battery operated

Rechargeable Battery

With long-lasting batteries, No more worry about running out of breath while you’re away from home. 


Oxygen Flow: Pulse flow mode
Concentration: 93±3%@1L; 70%@2L; 40%@3L.
Internal battery: 3500mah
External battery: 20000mah
Net Weight: 4.4 pounds(concentrator only)
Gross weight: 9.9 pounds with all contents.
Size: 19.5*9*20.1 cm
Consumption: 20W
Power: 100-240V, DC12V
Ion: 30K/m3
Noise level:<50dB

What’s Included:

1x portable concentrator, 1x carry bag, 1x power adaptor, 1x external battery, 1x car inverter cable, 1x headset oxygen tube, 1x nasal cannula, 1x remote control, 1x english manual.

resjoy joygo portable oxygen concentrator with 2 batteries

To Breathe Better, Wherever You Are.