resjoy lovego portable oxygen concentrator g1-10resjoy lovego portable oxygen concentrator g1-10
RESJOY LOVEGO™ 5 Liter Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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RESJOY LOVEGO™ 5 Liter Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator



Looking for a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator with large flow? RESJOY LOVEGO™ LG101 continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator is your good choice. The max. continuous flow of LOVEGO LG101 can be up to 5 Liter. It runs from home power, car cigarette lighter & rechargeable battery.

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When one needs regular oxygen therapy, life can change significantly. Rather than feeling confined to a +-25kg home concentrator or cylinder, patients now have the option to be free to go anywhere with the lightweight lovego continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator. Lovego portable oxygen concentrator is quality made with up to 5-liter continuous flow, and it has an extra negative ion function that purifies air in your room. 


Features of LOVEGO LG101 POC

  • Continuous flow rate, 1-5Lpm adjustable. Meet a wide range of demands.
  • Compact size: 9.6″ x 7.1″ x 14.3″
  • LED panel, working time display, battery level display, oxygen flow display.
  • The small water bottle can humidify oxygen and make oxygen therapy very comfortable.
  • Anion function can generate negative ions and purify the air around you. Just like you are breathing in the forest.
  • SAMSUNG original battery cell,10,000mAh, top quality.
  • Three working methods guarantees you can use it anytime, anywhere. It runs from home wall outlet(110-240v), car battery by plugging into car cig-port, and the rechargable battery.


•  Oxygen flow: 1-5Lpm, adjustable
•  Concentration: 90%@1Lpm, 75%@2Lpm, 60%@3Lpm, 45%@4Lpm, 30%@5Lpm.
•  Size: 9.6″x7.1″x14.3″ (WxDxH)
•  Weight: 5.4kg
•  Battery time: 90 mins
•  Power consumption: 90w
•  Alarming: power failtue, high temp, high pressure.
•  Noise level: <45dB
•  AC Power: 110-240V, 50/60Hz.
•  DC power: Input 10-29 V, Output 21V

What's included

  •  1x Machine
  •  1x Battery
  • 1x Carry bag
  • 1x Humidifer
  • 1x Air filte
  • 1x Nasal tube
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x English manual


Normally, it takes about 4 hours for full charging the lovego lg101. The light on the battery charger will turn green once full charged.

When to replace the air filter of lovego lg101? It depends on your environment. If under very clean environment, the air filter can keep clean for a long time. But if if environment is dirty, you may replace it more frequently. We suggest air filter to be replaced every 6 months or when necessary.

We do not suggest that. As it may damage the machine.

Taking oxygen too long, your nose may feel very dry. And the oxygen through the humidifer bottle will be humidied which makes oxygen therapy more confortable.

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