RESJOY LoveGo™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator G3


Among all high-flow portable oxygen concentrators, RESJOY LOVEGO™ G3 is definitely among the best. Maybe you have been planning your vacations, but always worried about the lack of oxygen and the duration of battery. RESJOY LOVEGO G3 is your terrific choice.

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# From the RESJOY Community


” The lovego G3 portable oxygen concentrator with 2 batteries,enables me to travel for weeks,charging batteries, where i could not if i had tans. I am a contractor and the lovego g3 enables me to be on the job as needed to check on sub-contractors,and i still am able to continue working.” 

— David, Australia.

Features of LOVEGO G3

1. Integrated 2-IN-1 continuous & pulse flow in one machine. Just click “MODE” button for simple switch.
2. Medical level 90-96% high oxygen concentration,same as hospital use.
3. With 2.5Lpm continuous flow and 7Lpm pulse flow. 
4. Max. battery time in continuous flow can be up to 7 hours at lowest flow setting, and 7.4 hours in pulse mode at lowest flow setting.
5. Very compact size: 8.2″x11.8″x14.9″
6. Runs from home electric(110-240V), Car power supply(DC 12V) and rechargable battery.
7. Battery level,working time,oxygen flow display in LCD.
8. Low purity alarm(Green light: normal, Yellow light: caution<82%, Red with audible alarm: <70%.
9. US, AU, UK, EU Power plugs provided. We will send the right one according to your country.
10. CE, FDA, ISO13485 certified, battery MSDS safety approved.
11. 2 years warranty, life-time free tech support. 1 year warranty for battery.
resjoy g3 portable oxygen concentrator lcd display

LOVEGO G3 is suitable for patients with


• Interstitial lung disease
• Sleep Apnea
• Cystic fibrosis
• Pneumonia
• Anemia
• Congenital heart disease
• Emphysema
• Pulmonary fibrosis
• Cancer

LOVEGO G3 Specifications

•  Oxygen flow: 2.5lpm continuous flow; 7lpm pulse flow
•  Concentration: 90-96% at any flowrate.
•  Size: 8.2″x11.8″x14.9″
•  Weight: 6.35kg
•  Battery time:  continuous flow ( 7H@0.5L, 5H@1L, 3.5H@1.5L, 2.2H@2L, 1.8H@2.5L).
pulse flow ( 7.4H@1L setting, 6H@2L setting, 5H@3L, 4.5H@4L,  4H@5L, 3.5H@6L, 3H@7L setting. )
•  Power consumption: 30-120w
•  Alarming: power failtue, high temp., high pressure.
•  Noise level: <45dB
•  AC Power: 110-240V, 50/60Hz.

What's included

✔  1x Machine
✔  1x Battery
✔  1x Accessory bag
✔  1x Humidifer
✔  1x Air filter
✔  1x Nasal tube
✔  1x Battery charger
✔  1x English manual


It takes about 4-5 hours for full charging. The light on the battery charger will turn green once full charged.

The normal respiratory frequency is 18-26 times per minute, and lovego g3 preset a max 42 times per minute in pulse flow mode. So if your respiratory frequency is more than 42 times, then resjoy g3 alarm system works with code “E4Hb”. So you only need to adjust your breathing,not too fast.

We do not suggest that. As it may damage the machine.

Taking oxygen too long, your nose may feel very dry. And the oxygen through the humidifer bottle will be humidied which makes oxygen therapy more confortable.

Take Oxygen Anytime, Anywhere.