RESJOY LOVEGO™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator G2


2 in 1 pulse & continuous resjoy lovego g2 portable oxygen concentrator, medical grade with purity over 90%. Long last battery and very reliable. Particularly suitable for travel of COPD patients.

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# From the RESJOY Community


” We purchased a lovego g2 for my 94 year-old father who has severe COPD. There is nothing more heart-warming than to see the confidence the unit has given him to be able to leave his home and not worry about breathing! Your company has done an outstanding job of answering all our questions and making sure that we were taken care of. Best purchase ever! “

— Thomas C, IL, United States


Aerobic activities are very important for patients who suffered from COPDs. Simple aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping, and helps prepare the body to use oxygen better by increasing the oxygen flow to your muscles and organs, enhancing your overall health and aiding in your therapy. Now,with a resjoy portable oxygen concentrator, everything becomes reality.

We believe the right oxygen equipment can be as important as the oxygen itself, in terms of continuing an active lifestyle for better overall mental and physical health. Being able to work, exercise, travel, and remain social are all very important health factors, too. LOVEGO G2 portable oxygen concentrator allows you to participate in the activities that you enjoy with fewer restrictions so you enjoy a better quality of life. Our LOVEGO G2 is one of the top rated portable oxygen concentrator in the market which was born to help you regain freedom and confidence.

Features of LOVEGO G2

  •  2 IN1 Pulse & continuous flow in one machine. The pulse mode is great for outdoor and travel while continuous flow is more suitable for patients with severe respiratory diseases and for night use, especially for people with sleep apnea.
  • The Max. standard flow of lovego g2 is 1.8 Liter continuous flow and 4.5Liter puse flow. 
  • The oxygen concentration keeps at medical level(90%+5/-3%) at any flow setting.
  • 3 Layer air-filtering system can filter out 99.99% bacteria and dust particles.
  • Long time oxygen inhalation always makes your nose very dry, and the humidified oxygen through the humidifier bottle makes oxygen therapy very comfortable.
  • 38dB Very low noise level,which will not affect you or your loved one’s sleep.
  • The remote controller makes operation so convenient,especially in bedroom.
  • Very compact size and lightweight. It won’t burden your outdoor & travel.
  • Low purity alarms (Green light=normal, Yellow= caution<82%,Red=warning<75%)
  • 2 years warranty for machine. 1 year for battery.
  • Lifetime free tech support. Contact us anytime if need.

LOVEGO G2 is suitable for patients with


• Interstitial lung disease
• Sleep Apnea
• Cystic fibrosis
• Pneumonia
• Anemia
• Congenital heart disease
• Emphysema
• Pulmonary fibrosis
• Cancer


•  Oxygen flow: 1.8lpm continuous flow; 4.5lpm pulse flow
•  Concentration: 90+5/-3% at any flowrate.
•  Size: 9.1″x8.7″x12.8″
•  Weight: 5.2kg
•  Battery time: 120 mins
•  Power consumption: 90w
•  Alarming: power failtue, high temp., high pressure.
•  Noise level: <40dB
•  AC Power: 110-240V, 50/60Hz.
•  DC power: Input 10-29 V, Output 21

What's included

✔  1x Machine
✔  1x Battery
✔  1x Carry bag
✔  1x Humidifer
✔  1x Air filter
✔  1x Nasal tube
✔  1x Battery charger
✔  1x English manual


Normally, it takes about 4 hours for full charging. The light on the battery charger will turn green once full charged.

When to replace the air filter of lovego g2? It depends on your environment. If under very clean environment, the air filter can keep clean for a long time. But if if environment is dirty, you may replace it more frequently. We suggest air filter to be replaced every 6 months or when necessary.

We do not suggest that. As it may damage the machine.

Taking oxygen too long, your nose may feel very dry. And the oxygen through the humidifer bottle will be humidied which makes oxygen therapy more confortable.

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