RESJOY O2bar™ Smart Home Oxygen Concentrator (4-in-1)


Make your own oxygen bar and breathe forest-like fresh air in the comfort of your home. RESJOY O2bar brings a forest to your home. Just throw it in your room, let fresh oxygen into your body and activate each of your cells.

  • Negative-ion function.
  • Voice broadcast.
  • Timing function.
  • Remote control.
  • 6kgs only, up to 6Liter

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14″ large LED screen

built-in water cup

high flow rate

superior sieve


Remote control

resjoy o2bar oxygen concentrator


Smaller, lighter: 50% smaller in size and 60% lighter in weight than most stationary oxygen concentrators, making it moveable for the elderly without any problems and can be placed anywhere in the home without taking up space.

Innovative voice broadcast: each operation step has a voice broadcast, which is very useful for the elderly with poor eyesight. 

Negative ions: Negative ions are considered vitamins in the air. RESJOY O2bar has a negative ion generator inside, which releases 300k/min of negative ions so you can enjoy the forest-like fresh air at home simpely with just one touch.

Large display screen: designed for easy operation, this machine comes with a 14 inch large led screen, which displays the oxygen purity, flow, working time, preset working time, etc. 

Detachable humidifier: the small humidifier bottle is detachable, easy to add water, and clean. With this humidifier, your nose and throat will no longer be dry.

Quality components: the core components like the air compressor and molecular sieve beds are from the world’s leading manufacturer, making the machine very stable and reliable.

resjoy o2bar oxygen concentrator oxygen bar construction
resjoy o2bar panel


Power supply: 110V, 220V, 50/60HZ.
Flow rate: 1-6 Liter per minute. adjustable
Concentration: 90%@1L, the higher flow, the lower purity.
Timing: 15 min, 30min, 60min.
Input power: 120VA
Technology:   PSA
Filtering:   8-layer filtering system
Net weight:   6kg
Size: 26.6x23x 29.5cm