RESJOY VentMed™ Auto CPAP Machine VM6


Experience premium pressure therapy that automatically adjusts levels to fit your changing needs and ensures you’re receiving the lowest pressure necessary. The VentMed DreamSleep CPAP VM6 is engineered to be intuitive and easy-to-use for convenient long-term sleep apnea treatment.

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ventmed auto cpap machine vm6

VentMed Auto CPAP VM6

The VM6 Auto CPAP / APAP is a great example of innovation in a CPAP device. Not only is the Auto CPAP extremely quiet, it is also very light in weight coming in a under a whopping 4lbs making it virtually an easy device to bring around no matter where you may go. 

The menu was created to be easy to use, navigating within the device has never been so easy.

Simply set the therapy data from my options like smart ramp time,  altitude compensation delivery, humidity level, air-leakage alarming, backup-rate, I/E rate etc.

Whisper Quiet

At 26 decibels, the VM6 is considered whisper-quiet, making it ideal for light sleepers. The barely-there sound helps to reduce the noise from your CPAP therapy, so you can enjoy a restful night with your partner.

Heated Humidifier

To help you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, the heated humidifier is designed to add consistent humidification to your pressure air, making it easier to stick with your sleep therapy.

Sleep Tracking Report

From VM6, you’re able to view sleep reports (including a daily sleep score). The device stores your sleep and therapy data on the included TF card, which can then be shared with your healthcare provider.

Intelligent Algorithms

Using algorithms the AUTO machine provides to you exactly the pressure you require to stabilize your airway with each apnea episode. The beauty of APAP technology is that you are always optimally treated.

How Can An APAP VM6 Help You?

Advanced Event Detection

With its up-to-date algorithm, VentMed auto CPAP Machine VM6 can identify and analyze different types of respiratory events, letting the device accurately and gently control the air flow.

Meanwhile, all the therapy insights in 2 years are saved in an TF card. The data can be reviewed on the device’s screen, a windows computer, which can be shared with your physician. So you can always get the information needed for compliance.


Monitored Respiratory Events

  • OAI (Obstructive Apnea Index)
  • AHI (Apnea–Hypopnea Index)
  • PB (Periodic Breathing)
  • FL (Flow Limitation)
  • CAI (Central Apnea Index)
  • HI (Hypopnea Index)
  • SNI (Snore Index)
  • RERA (Respiratory Effort Related Arousal)
resjoy ventmed auto cpap machine

Superior Tech. Superior Features

EPR mode

Expiratory Pressure Relief

The VM6 APAP automatically sets EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) function so you may find it easier to breathe out. This can help you get used to therapy.

You can set the expiratory pressure relief Level to off (0) or between 1 and 3, where 1 is the lowest expiratory pressure relief and 3 is the highest setting.

Heated Humidifier

The humidifier moistens the air and is designed to make therapy more comfortable. You can set the Humidity Level to off (0) or between 1 and 5, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting and 5 is the highest humidity setting.

The push-pull water tank design is very easy to disassemble and install, which is convenient for adding water and cleaning.

heated humidifier
ventmed cpap bipap machine

Two Therapy Modes (APAP & CPAP)

VentMed APAP VM6 can be set in either CPAP or AUTO mode. It is like having two machines in one. If your prescription calls for a fixed pressure, the device can be set up in CPAP mode. If you need to be titrated to a new 95th percentile pressure, the machine can be switched to AUTO. Your pressure needs can change with time, health and even sleep positioning. Unlike a Manual CPAP, the APAP adapts to these changes and provides the correct pressure for every apnea event. 

VM6 APAP - More Features To Know

Auto ON / OFF

Designed to make the device start automatically in a while after you wear mask, and stop the device work automatically in 10 seconds after you take mask away.

The Auto ON/OFF function can be turned off on the menu.

Smart Ramp Settings

It lets the sleep apnea therapy start from a low and pleasant pressure level when the user is still awake. Then the air pressure is gradually ramped up to the correct level and the user can easily fall asleep without even noticing the increment.

Sleep Tracking

It comes with a TF card that will allow you to keep detailed data about your sleep disorder. The new TF card will allow you to store your sleep apnea information, which will enable you to get therapy support from your doctor, and compile compliance reports.

Alarm Setting

Designed to alarm when there is leakage. Can set as ON or OFF.


It is less than 26 decibels (dB), making it quieter than a whisper and comparable to leaves rustling.


Product Name
VentMed Auto CPAP Machine VM6
Work mode
Data storage
TF card
2.8 inch color
Pressure Range
Power supply
1-2A; Output+24V,2.5V
Over-temperature protection
Stop working automatically,
buzzle ring 4 times
Ramp item 
0-60min, 1 min/step
Yes, 0-3 level
Leak compensation
Awake detection
Breath Event detection
Auto pressure titration
Water Capacity
200ML max
Heated Humidifier,0-5 level
Mask /power Off Alarm
Weight(With humidifier)
1.7KG(Net weight); 
4KG(Gross weight)
Work for

Warning: Risks of Sleep Apnea

When you have periods of apnea, blood oxygen levels decrease making your heart work extra hard to pump oxygen through the body.

 This causes your heart rate and blood pressure to both elevate, putting added stress on the heart. 

If untreated, it could increase the risk for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, depression, sexual dysfunction, Heart diseases and obesity. This is where CPAP comes into play. 


VM-6 Auto CPAP with integrated heated humidifier, water tank, power lead, travel bag, english user manual, 5*air filter, TF Card, nasal mask( VM6 comes with nasal mask by default; we can replace full mask according to  your requirement. Besides, the default mask size is M, and please just remark it if you want size L.)

You will know that therapy is on when the air fan icon is rotated. The current treatment pressure is shown in white words. 

During ramp time the pressure is gradually increasing and you will see a blue triangle icon on the screen once the prescribed pressure is reached.

The screen will go black automatically after a short period of time. You can press any button to turn it back on.

The device has many high-sensitivity sensors, and it alarms with ‘beeping’ sound when it detects air-leakage. Please inspect the mask and tube carefully to make sure they are fitted correctly and not leaking. You can read air-leakage data on the screen, if data is over 30, it means the air-leakage is occurring.

Yes sure. The device has two therapy modes – CPAP and Auo CPAP / APAP.

In work mode CPAP, press shuttle button to highlight Pressure. Rotate shuttle button to adjust working pressure. You can set pressure 4-20 cmH2O for CPAP mode.

Clean the device weekly as described. Refer to the mask user guide for detailed instructions on cleaning your mask.

  1. Wash the water tank and air tubing in warm water using mild detergent. Or sanitize them by using a CPAP cleaner & sanitizer. Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine.
  1. Rinse the water tank and air tubing thoroughly and allow to dry out of direct sunlight and/or heat.
  1. Wipe the exterior of the device with a dry cloth.

You can take this device with you wherever you go. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Empty the water tank and put it into the device.
  • Use the travel bag provided to prevent damage to the device.
  • Do not use the device with water in the water tank on a plane due to the risk of inhalation of water during turbulence.

(it feels like getting too much air

If you are feeling too much air at the beginning of therapy, the Ramp may be turned off. You can turn on the Ramp time and the pressure will increase gradually at a pleased speed.

It feels like I am not getting enough air. Ramp may be in progress. Just wait for air pressure to build up or turn Ramp Time off.