VentMed DreamSleep™ BiPAP Machine ST25 DS7


Get quality sleep at last with the VentMed DreamSleep AUTO BiPAP DS7 from ResJoy. With auto-adjusting pressure, advanced event detection, and integrated humidification, this premium BiLevel device is whisper-quiet and offers screen-dimming capabilities for a restful night.

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VentMed Dream Sleep™ AUTO BiPAP Machine DS7

Introducing the DreamSleep BiPAP DS7 – Designed for the most discriminating client that demands the ultimate in therapy comfort. Often the device of choice for those requiring higher pressure delivery and those that might otherwise find adapting to PAP therapy challenging. 

The VentMed DreamSleep BiPAP DS7 is an auto adjusting bilevel device that automatically adjusts to deliver one pressure on inhalation and another for exhalation. The VentMed BiPAP DS7 uses the AutoSet algorithm and Easy-Breathe waveform to treat individuals with challenging obstructive sleep apnea conditions through the delivery of greater pressure support. 

Everything You Need To Know About The DreamSleep™ BiPAP DS7

AVsync Technology

AVsync stands as an Advanced leak management technology designed to facilitate patient-ventilator synchrony. AVsync guarantees the consistent and precise delivery of therapy pressure, elevating the overall effectiveness and comfort of the treatment.

Smart Bilevel Algorithm

Utilizing cutting-edge algorithmic technology for bilevel therapy, this system continually monitors the user’s breathing, making real-time adjustments to both inhalation and exhalation pressures on a breath-by-breath basis. This dynamic pressure customization enhances therapy comfort by precisely catering to the user’s requirements while ensuring an open airway is maintained throughout the process.


CPAP, Auto, S, T & ST therapy mode, Auto Ramp, Expiratory pressure relief & Auto ON/OFF, Auto leak compensation, advanced sleep event detection, oxygen compatible help to make therapy comfortable and keep sleep undisturbed.

Superior Features of DreamSleep™ BiPAP DS7


Advanced Event Detection

Event detection is a critical feature of a BiPAP machine, designed to provide valuable insights into users sleep patterns and help optimize therapy. The event detection technology in our DreamSleep AUTO BiPAP DS7 uses advanced algorithms to monitor breathing and detect any irregularities or disturbances throughout the night.

By tracking the breathing patterns and identifying events such as apneas, hypopneas, and flow limitations, the event detection feature provides a comprehensive view of the sleep quality and therapy effectiveness. This data can then be used to adjust the therapy settings to ensure users are getting the most effective treatment possible.

Monitored Respiratory Events

  • OAI (Obstructive Apnea Index)
  • AHI (Apnea–Hypopnea Index)
  • PB (Periodic Breathing)
  • FL (Flow Limitation)
  • CAI (Central Apnea Index)
  • HI (Hypopnea Index)
  • SNI (Snore Index)
  • RERA (Respiratory Effort Related Arousal)
VentMed CPAP Machine

Expiratory Pressure Relief

The EPR technology works by reducing the pressure in airway during exhalation, making it easier for users to breathe out. This helps to minimize discomfort, alleviate shortness of breath, and improve overall breathing efficacy.

Our AUTO BiPAP machine DS7 is equipped with customizable EPR settings, allowing users to fine-tune the level of pressure relief to suit specific needs. 

Auto-ST Mode

ST mode, or Spontaneous Timed mode, is a highly advanced mode of operation that delivers a set number of breaths per minute while still allowing for spontaneous breathing. This innovative mode of operation is perfect if users require personalized respiratory support without compromising on comfort.

With the Auto-ST mode of our VentMed BiPAP DS7, users can experience improved ventilation, reduced work of breathing, and greater treatment flexibility. 

Auto Leak Compensation

Mask leaks can be frustrating and interfere with the effectiveness of your respiratory therapy. 

The DreamSleep AUTO BiPAP Machine DS7 uses advanced algorithms and sensors within the machine and mask to detect any air leakage and analyzes the data to determine the amount of pressure loss caused by the leakage.

It immediately compensates for the lost pressure by increasing the pressure delivery of the BiPAP machine. This real-time analysis & adjusting ensures that users receive optimal respiratory therapy throughout the entire session.

Heated Humidification System

The humidifier moistens the air and is designed to make therapy more comfortable. Users can set the Humidity Level to off (0) or between 1 and 5, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting and 5 is the highest humidity setting.

The user-friendly chamber design is very easy to disassemble and install, which is convenient for adding water and cleaning.

DreamSleep™ DS7 – More Features to Know

Auto ON / OFF

Designed to make the device start automatically in a while after putting on mask, and stop the device work automatically in 10 seconds after putting off mask.

The Auto ON/OFF function can be turned off on the menu.


Smart Ramp Settings

It lets the sleep apnea therapy start from a low and pleasant pressure level when the user is still awake. Then the air pressure is gradually ramped up to the correct level and the user can easily fall asleep without even noticing the increment.

Sleep Tracking

It comes with a TF card that will allow users to keep detailed data about sleep disorder. The new TF card will allow users to store sleep apnea information, which enables users to get therapy support from doctor, and compile compliance reports.

Alarm Setting

Designed to alarm when there is air leakage, mask off or power failture.


It is less than 26 decibels (dB), making it quieter than a whisper and comparable to leaves rustling.

Simple To Use

Simply follow the intuitive step-by-step process and users will be up and running in no time. 


All Included

  • Host Device with Integrated Humidifier
  • Full Face Mask (M Size by default. Just make a note at checkout if you need S or L size)
  • 5 Pieces of Filter Cotton
  • BiPAP Tubing 
  • Water Chamber
  • SD Card
  • Measuring Cup
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Carry Package
  • User Manual
  • Carton Box


Product Name
VentMed DreamSleep BiPAP Machine DS7
Work mode
Data storage
SD card
2.8 inch color screen
Pressure Range
Power supply
1-2A; Output+24V,2.5V
Over-temperature protection
Stop working automatically,
buzzle ring 4 times
Ramp item 
0-60min, 1 min/step
Yes, 0-3 level
Leak compensation
Awake detection
Breath Event detection
HumidifierHeated Humidifier, 0-5 level
Mask off, suffocation,
pressure abnormality, 
tubing abnormolity,
power failture.
Weight(With humidifier)
1.8KG(Net weight);4KG(Gross weight)
Work for
OSA /CSA /MSA/ Hypopnea/ COPD


Sleep Therapy Simplified

Resjoy is responsible for providing you with ongoing clinical support, including answering any questions and helping you resolve any issues that you may be experiencing with your machine or settings. 

Resjoy is responsible for the aftersale service, including providing FREE replacement parts within warranty. ( ** please kindly note RESJOY does not provide aftersale service for machines not ordered from us. Customers need to provide the transaction number.)

  • Individuals with a need for higher pressure settings or with low oxygen levels.
  • Individuals that have had difficulty adapting to PAP therapy on a standard non-BiLevel device.
  • Individuals with cardiopulmonary disorders such as congestive heart failure.
  • Individuals with lung disorders or certain neuromuscular disorders.

In simple terms a BiLevel device has the enhanced ability for separate pressure ranges to be set for inhalation (ipap) and exhalation (epap). The dual settings allow the patient to get more air in and out of their lungs. This more granular control of pressure can translate into an enhanced and more comfortable therapy experience especially for those that have higher inbound pressure on inhalation. BiLevel devices also have the unique ability to set a breath timing feature that measures the amount of breaths per minute a person should be taking. If the time between breaths exceeds the set limit, the machine can force the person to breath by temporarily increasing the air pressure by delivering back-up pressure.

How to clean your CPAP machine

Time it takes: 5 minutes

Supplies you’ll need to clean your machine:

  1. Sink or tub
  2. Warm, drinking-quality water (86°F / 30°C)
  3. Mild soap
  4. Clean towel

Weekly step-by-step cleaning tips:

  1. Unplug the machine. Wash the water tub and air tubing in warm water using mild detergent. Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine.
  2. Rinse the water tub and air tubing thoroughly and allow to dry out of direct sunlight and/or heat.
  3. Wipe the exterior of the device with a dry cloth or towel.

You will know that therapy is on when the air fan icon is rotated. The current treatment pressure is shown in white words. 

During ramp time the pressure is gradually increasing and you will see a blue triangle icon on the screen once the prescribed pressure is reached.

The screen will go black automatically after a short period of time. You can press any button to turn it back on.

The device has many high-sensitivity sensors, and it alarms with ‘beeping’ sound when it detects air-leakage. Please inspect the mask, tube at both ends, and the water chamber carefully to make sure they are fitted correctly and not air leaking. You can read air-leakage data on the screen, if data is over 30, it means the air-leakage is occurring. The beeping sound will disappear once there is no air-leakage.

The machine stops automatically a few seconds later if the machine detects mask off. It works to avoid motor idling.

(it feels like getting too much air

If you are feeling too much air at the beginning of therapy, the Ramp may be turned off. You can turn on the Ramp time and the pressure will increase gradually at a pleased speed.

It feels like I am not getting enough air. Ramp may be in progress. Just wait for air pressure to build up or turn Ramp Time off.

Replacing your CPAP supplies is a necessary part of device ownership. Following the recommended replacement schedule helps ensure the effectiveness and hygiene of CPAP therapy.

The following are general guidelines for supply replacement schedules. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific timelines.

CPAP SuppliesReplacement Timeline
CPAP Mask Frame3 months
Mask Headgear6 months
Mask Cushions or Nasal Pillows2 weeks
Hoses3 months
Disposable Filters2 weeks
Reusable Filters6 months
Humidifier Water Chamber6 months
Chin Strap6 months
CPAP Pillow1-2 years
CPAP BatteryWhen it fails to fully hold a charge

Warning: Risks of Sleep Apnea

When you have periods of apnea, blood oxygen levels decrease making your heart work extra hard to pump oxygen through the body.

 This causes your heart rate and blood pressure to both elevate, putting added stress on the heart. 

If untreated, it could increase the risk for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, depression, sexual dysfunction, Heart diseases and obesity. This is where BiPAP machine comes into play.