CPAP vs BiPAP – The Ultimate Guidance


CPAP vs BiPAP machines, what’s there differences and which one is better for me? Studies suggest that nearly 1/3 of people who try CPAP therapy for snoring and sleep that mere actually quit. I know personally, many of you really struggle, especially in the beginning, breathing against those therapy pressures. But before you go and throw in the towel, there’s a little device that you might not have heard of. And it’s a whole lot easiest he used compared to your standard c pap, or auto c pap devices. So stick around. And let’s talk about the wonderful world of bipap.



Now, in front of me here, I have two machines that look very similar on the outside. But there’s actually a really big difference on how these two machines operate and how they deliver the positive airway pressure, which is the therapy. Just in front of me here, on the right, I have an auto CPAP machine. And on the left, I have what’s called an auto CPAP machine or bipap machine. Now, with the auto CPAP machine, which the majority of you will have, if you got a standard, say, PAP machine, I reckon you just take that back. It’s just, it’s just old technology. Now you really want to be on an auto CPAP machine, especially if you’re just starting out. So that’s my recommendation to you from the start. But with an auto c pap machine, the way it works is it’s gonna actually monitor your breathing as you sleep of a nighttime. All that information gets passed into the computer in the machine and then the machine actually works out how much pressure is required on a minute by minute basis. Keep your breathing nice and consistent, nice and stable so that we remove all that snoring and sleep apnea.

The Features of CPAP Machines

But with an auto CPAP machine, the pressure that you breathe into your inhalation pressure is pretty similar to the pressure that you breathe out, your exhalation pressure you know. It’s really constant. There’s a little bit of a reduction. As you breathe out. We call that pressure relief. But generally speaking, the pressure that you breathing is very similar to the when you breathe out, many of you really struggle with is especially in the beginning, because you’re not used to breathing against any sort of resistance. Normally, when you breathe out, there’s nothing there stopping you breathing out. But all of a sudden, when you throw into this world of c pap and in your line every night time with your mask on, when you go to breathe out, it’s very unnatural because the machines trying to push air in, and you’re trying to breathe out against that air. And for many of you, this is just too much of a challenge to overcome.


The Features of BiPAP Machines

Now, on the left here, I have the bipap machine, the beautiful thing about a bipap machine is that it’s still gonna monitor your breathing of a night time, and it’s still gonna regulate the pressure in order to control your sleep apnea. But instead of there being the same pressure for inhalation and exhalation, we can actually set a different pressure for our exhalation.

resjoy ventmed sleep mode

For example, i’m gonna show you this on the machines in a second. We could have an inhalation pressure of ten, let’s say, but we could set out exhalation pressure at four, which is a 60 % reduction in the pressure as we breathe out. This makes breathing with the therapy just so much more easier and just so much more comfortable because you’re not constantly fighting that pressure coming in. And it also helps with other things like air leaks, dry mouth and a few of the other side effects like eraphasia.

Other things that i’ve talked about the side effects of sleep apnea by bipap machines really are a whole lot easier to use. And I think it’s probably best. If I show you live exactly gonna put the mask on and show you the screen. So we can just have a look at how those machines operate and show you the difference. For this example, i’m just gonna set it mean pressure on ten. The reason being is I want to show you what happens when the pressure is on ten with this device, especially when i’m breathing out compared to the bilateral machine.

So the pressure is on ten, i’m just gonna put the mask on now and that breeding. So you can see here with the auto c pab set to ten, especially staying at ten. So when i’m breathing in, it’s at 10:00, and when i’m exhale, it’s also around ten as well. And that consistent pressure is what can be very challenging for people, especially in the beginning, when their lungs and the muscles that support our lungs in our breeding aren’t used to breathing against such resistance as the therapy pressure itself. And you’re gonna see with the bipap in a minute how this changes with the bi-level  machine.

Now, i’m going to set up the BiPAP machine. So i’m just gonna press and hold down the two buttons again and going to the settings. So now, instead of auto max and auto min, we’ve got max ipap and mean a pap, which is max inhalation pressure, mean exhalation pressure. This p se is the really important value there. So that’s the pressure drop between your inhalation and your exhalation. I’ll show you this when we back into it, put my mask on. All right, guys, now with the bipap machine, you can see that when i’m breathing in, you can see the pressure go up to 14. As i’m breathing at, the pressure dramatically reduces down to four. This makes life so much easy for me. As i’m breathing out against the therapy pressure, there’s virtually no resistance. During inhalation, i’m getting that full therapy pressure, which is when I need it. And during exhalation, there’s no resistant which makes my life a whole lot easier.

CPAP VS BiPAP Machine – In conclusion

Now, I know you’re thinking and that is BiPAP machines are so much more comfortable and enjoyable to use. Then why are we actually bothering with the auto CPAPs, or the CPAP machines? And it really just comes down to one thing at the end of the day. And that’s the price of them. So a BiPAP machine that are new is about double the cost of an auto CPAP machine. But I think for some of you that really need it for those you that are really severe, and it’s having a really detrimental impact on your life. But you’re really struggling with the continuous positive airway pressure that inhalation exhalation pressure being the same, and you just can’t get used to the pressure levels.

Then it’s definitely worthwhile trying by a bipap machine from your provider or wherever you getting from, because it really will make life a lot easier for you and the risk hope you get used to that therapy so that you can start sleeping with it and hopefully getting more quality of life.

Now, there are some places, if you’re looking at the prices and you’re thinking oh, it’s too expensive for me. Just hunt around a little bit because there’s many places these days that will sell x rentals and secondhand devices, refurbished devices. Just have a bit of a google round. I’ll put some links in the description as well of some places that I found, that you can have a look at, but you can pick these up. They’ll still have a warranty and everything like that, but you can probably pick them up for half the price compared to if you are going to buy one new.

So guys, if you’re just starting out, by all means, try an auto cpap machine and see how you go with it, make sure you educate yourself on how it all works,getting used to cpap therapy and really persist in the beginning with it.

But if you’re just not quite getting it and you wanting to give it away, then, by all means, go and speak your clinician about trying a bipap machine. You will find it a whole lot easier to use, and it will be a whole lot more comfortable for you when you are using it. Obviously there’s that little bit of extra cost involved, but for some of you, it’s gonna dramatically improve the quality of your life. I highly recommend it. And to be honest, I really feel that probably in the next 3 to 5 years, we’ll probably see a big transition across this sort of therapy as the technology be, maybe becomes a bit more affordable and what not.

Where to buy a CPAP or BiPAP machine?

CPAP VS BIPAP, Now you know what their features and differences and you know which one is better for you. You may choose a reliable bipap  machine from the professional CPAP, BiPAP supplier. RESJOY is a trustworthy CPAP BiPAP machine supplier with over 15 years on respiratory products.

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