Is Ventmed A Good Brand? In-Depth Reviews of Ventmed

VENTMED is a famous CPAP / BiPAP brand in the global market. The leading high-tech company who has been focused on R&D of sleep apnea treatment devices for 10 years.

Ventmed is one of the most impressive companies I have had the pleasure to come across and they are way better than a good brand they are outstanding and definitely a contender for one of the best brands from the hundreds I have looked into on this site.

  • Each product that VENTMED makes, including Auto CPAP Machine DS6, BiPAP machine DS7, BiPAP DS8 and sleep monitor, has received glowing reviews from customers.
  • Superior customer service, quality and A trusted brand and a company that has won praises from those who really matter – their customers.
  • It’s amazing that VentMed can do this for all of their CPAP BiPAP breathing machines. There are a huge number of people who have praised VENTMED repeatedly, numbering in the thousands.

Most Popular Ventmed CPAP / BiPAP Sleep Apnea Machines

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10 Reasons Why VENTMED Is A Good Brand

VENTMED’s mission is to reclaim your freedom in breathing, make respiratory easier and life better. That means starting with affordable, cutting-edge technologies, high-quality manufacturering and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. Here are just some of the many reasons why VENTMED is considered to be a very good brand and VENTMED CPAP or BiPAP machines are the first condidate by 90,000+ customers for sleep apnea treatment.

1. Affordable Quality

Resjoy ventmed manufactures every single component in-house, which allows ventmed to reduce costs while maintaining high quality, making ventmed CPAP or BiPAP machines affordable to all.  VENTMED CPAP devices are built to the highest standards. That’s the VENTMED advantage. 

2. Industry-Leading Technology

From its industry-leading Auto CPAP machines to its high-quality bi-lateral PAPs and sleep monitors, RESJOY VENTMED is more than a household medical brand. It’s a symbol of quality and technological innovation.

Today, Ventmed has developed into one of the world’s leading innovators of sleep apnea therapy equipment, with products focused on home use ventilators.

3. Endless List of Awards

VENTMED has been recognized with countless awards over the past few years, including multiple honors like “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Top ten Innovative Figures” In 2018, 8 international certifications like CE, ISO13485, SGS assessment report and  “National Superior Intellectual Property Enterprise” In 2020.

4. Strong production capacity.

With more than 2,000 square meters of modern production plant, monthly production of Ventmed technology can reach more than 6000 sets of CPAP or BiPAP equipments. After the COVID-19 outbreak , Ventmed donated over 3,000 non-invasive BiPAP ventilators to fight against COVID-19 at home and abroad. Adhering to the business philosophy of “focus on professionalism, focus on goals, quality first, continuous innovation”, Ventmed has been committed to improving product performance, investing in new product research and development, and persisting in stable quality , and striving to build VENTMED into a well-known brand in the global sleep-breathing industry.

5. VENTMED is a trusted brand

VENTMED trustworthiness is one of its key strengths. Brands are built on trust. Trust is a key ingredient in ensuring that people buy from brands they trust. VENTMED’s existence for 10 years means that many people have had the opportunity to try their products, and most have found ventmed CPAPs quality and reliable.

6. Quality products

The other attribute that makes VENTMED a good brand is a fact that it makes quality products. For any product brand to be successful, one thing they would need to ensure is that they make quality products. This is because no one wants to buy low-quality products or services as they will not serve their needs well. VENTMED is one of the leading CPAP / BiPAP machine brand in the market with many awards, international standards, and patents.

7. VENTMED Has An Excellent Reputation

Average rating is 4.8 stars (out of 5), spanning thousands of customer reviews. VENTMED is purchased by hospitals, medical centers from over 50 countries worldwide.

8. Innovative products

The first thing that makes VENTMED a good brand is that it offers innovative products. The company has always been at the forefront of innovation to make breathe better and this has helped all of their CPAP or BiPAP machines sold like wildfire.

They have created new technologies which helps make sleep safer, more comfortable, and they have also used smart technology to monitor and record sleep.

9. Trustworthy

When shopping for any product, or service, one of the most important things people consider is whether they can trust what they are purchasing. They want to get the most value for their money and this can only be achieved if they buy from a trusted brand.

VENTMED has produced some of the most trusted CPAP / BiPAP machines on the market so far. It is therefore a solid brand. All of the VENTMED products like VENTMED Automatic CPAP DS6, BiPAP DS7 and BiPAP ds8 are with internatinal certifications and with consumers approved.

10. VENTMED CPAPs are sold in most countries

The first thing that makes ventmed a good brand is that Ventmed automatic CPAP ventilators are sold in many different countries. This is important because when it comes to brand popularity, the more people that know about your brand, the better it is.

You won’t buy VENTMED CPAP machines if you don’t know anything about them. If you have heard about the product from someone who has used it for a while and is highly satisfied with its quality, you might be interested in purchasing iV

VENTMED Company Overview – Assessed by SGS

Who is SGS?

SGS group is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. 

Core Service

SGS ensure trusted, ethical and environmentally conscious goods such as food, electronics, textiles, toys, footwear and housewares, etc. SGS inspects processes at every stage of production, and conducts material and functionality testing to verify and certify that products perform exactly as claim. We ensure products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards, enables manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers to gain a competitive edge.

Does Ventmed company have a valid business license?

Yes, the business number of ventmed is 91430500066355285U

Year established in 01/Apr/2013

Does Ventmed have a supplier assessment procedure?


Does Ventmed have an updated list of approved suppliers?


Has Ventmed established and implemented a standard procedure for purchasing contract review and approval?

Yes, with written standard procedures

Does Ventmed keep its supplier assessment reports?

Yes, assessment reports are available for more than 3 years

Are Ventmed’s purchasing documents sufficient to ensure product safety control and their customers’ requirements?

Yes, the purchasing document includes all the information required.

Is there a procedure to conduct random product inspections after final packaging?

Yes, with clear standard and written inspection records.

Is customer feedback, including complaints, clearly recorded and maintained?

Yes, with a standard feedback form and records.

Are there any clear procedures for handling customer complaints?

Yes, with clear procedures and written records

Is there a closed-loop corrective action system in place?


Can finished/packaged products be traced by lot identification to the appropriate raw material test reports?

Yes, with procedures to trace raw materials.

Is there a product alert and recall procedure?


Do you have a complete after sales service capability?


Is the factory tidy and clean enough for production?

Yes, very good

Are the following items /documents provided at the appropriate location?

YES, with Work instructions

Are written instructions available for onsite material inspection/testing?

Are the relevant records maintained?

Yes, with clear written instructions and records

Are written inspection/testing instructions available for finished products?

Are the relevant records maintained?

Yes, with clear written instructions and records

How are finished products inspected?

100% of products with detailed inspection

Are units that failed inspection clearly marked and separated to prevent accidental dispatch?

Yes, the units are separated and marked clearly

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